Explore the Chinese idioms

Chinese idioms, or chengyu (成语 chéngyǔ), are an essential part of the Chinese language. Although most Chinese idioms only four characters long, they are useful for expressing a variety of different meaning hence it is common to use in contemporary Chinese.

Being able to use Chinese idioms will elevate your conversation and writing. Students might find that conversations are more interesting by express their thoughts use Chinese idioms.

Online Chinese idioms pratice outcome:

Learning up to 10-15 Chinese idioms, pratice & enjoy the good vibes.

Chinese indiom ususally are 4 characters, if you know how to use it you will speak & write like a PRO.

Chinese idioms, 即成语chéngyǔ,是中文的一个重要组成部分。虽然大多数中文成语只有四个字,但它们有助于表达各种不同的意思,因此在现代汉语中普遍使用。能够使用中文成语将提升你的对话和写作水平。学生们可能会发现,使用中文成语来表达他们的想法,会使对话更加有趣。

课程成果:每堂课最多学习10-15个成语,学习华语可以是很有趣的,会写汉字更是考试中必get的技能,多练多得,写写还压减, 不信你试试。



Claire Guo