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Today’s Chinese Idioms & meaning as below:

万事如意 : all the best and success

千变万化 : ever-changing; be infinite in variety

千辛万苦: go through untold many hardships

千千万万 : thousands and thousands of

万无一失 : guarantee complete success;cannot fail under any circumstances

千家万户 :huge numbers of families

千军万马 :millions of troops

千言万语 :there’s a whole lot we’d like to say

万里长城 : The grate world

瞬息万变 : changing all the time; undergoing a myriad changes in the twinkling of an eye

万能钥匙 : the skeleton key ; grandmaster key

千丝万缕 : have all kinds of connections with; countless ties;

千真万确 : (be) absolutely true; really and truly; that’s only too true.;

包罗万象 : cover and contain everything; all-embracing; all-inclusive;

千山万水 : a long and arduous journey

十万火急 : most urgent; extra-urgent;

万众一心 : with one heart and one mind

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