【1】My Intership E-Reflection Log


I am about to graduate from Building Construction Authority Academy, from Diploma in Design ( Interior & Landscape).  Time flies and I just ended my 22 weeks intership, so this is my Intership E-Reflection Log sharing to you, and this is me saying goodbay to my first offical intership in Singapore.

I got the internship at SP Homes for a period of 22 weeks. I have learned a lot, met a lot of different peoples and experienced a lot of things, which makes me feel that this period has been very fulfilling. My position in this company is sales and designer. I will start my internship e-reflection log from Week 5:

Describe your internship tasks and assignments for the last 2 weeks (ie What were you asked to do? How did you do it? You may include pictures in your log sheet entries. How was support given to you? How did you ask for support or help?)

On tuesday all the interns went to the TaiSeng showrooms to have the Sales Training. The intership training is about how to promote our design and concept to customer. Our sales leader told us always persuade client for a face-to-face meeting. Remember the Chinese proverb “见面三分情”  (meaning : There is more human rapport, human touch in a physical face-to-face meeting) .


After our trainning, I went for site measurement appointment in client’s house. This was an exciting experience throgh out my intership. The client wanted the bunk bed for her son, when I went to the site, then did the measurement to the remaining space of the window. The switch position of the light, the position of the socket. According to the client request, I did the bunk bed for them and have the communication to them and do some changes for the final one. I was glad that I can apply what I have learn in BCA Academy.


Describe at least 1 thing during your intership that you faced challenge with the last 2 weeks. Reflect on how you think you can overcome that challenges?

I will never forget this challenge for my intership. I was posted to Heeren showroom and the director was there to observe my performance. The moment I arrived  I realized that our only design display set was disappeared in Heeren showroom. OMG this is not happening! Its like I got nothing to sell there. So I quickly cool down and start to plan. Well since there are sudden suprises I told myself it’s alright I got this. The first thing I did is to report this incident to my team lead. Then I gathered all the marketing materials I got from the site. I did cold calls and direct sales many times,  so I greet the customers and show them our company’s product catalogue.  I tried my best on the presentation that we were the customized carpentry company which is different from other companies. Turns out I did it alright as I managed to set up face-to-face appointments with new clients for site measurements.

Describe 2 new things that you have learnt on the job the last 2 weeks and explain how is it beneficial to you? (ie You may also tell us things that you learnt about yourself when you are working as an employee during this intership.)

What I did for my internship includes: How to measurement the side using the different items. When measuring, multiple measurements are required, and the intermediate value is used to determine the final data. Some things in the room need to be measured. For example, how much space the window is from the walls on both sides needs to be measured, including the thickness of the skirting, to prevent the final installation have the problems.

And I also learnt how to guide the customer to view the floor plan, so I can provide an estimatation on the budget, it was an “approximate value” as we were still at the initial stage.

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