【2】My Intership E-Reflection Log


I am about to graduate from Building Construction Authority Academy, from Diploma in Design ( Interior & Landscape).  Time flies and I just ended my 22 weeks intership, so this is my Intership E-Reflection Log sharing to you, and this is me saying goodbay to my first offical internship at SP Homes in Singapore.

I got the internship at SP Homes for a period of 22 weeks. I have learned a lot, met a lot of different peoples and experienced a lot of things, which makes me feel that this period has been very fulfilling. My position in this company is sales and designer. I will start my internship e-reflection log from Week 7:

Describe your tasks and assignments for the last 2 weeks during  internship at SP Homes

(ie What were you asked to do? How did you do it? You may include pictures in your log sheet entries. How was support given to you? How did you ask for support or help?)

In the past two weeks on my internship at SP Homes, I remained at my position to introducing and promoting sales to different customers, I managed to get a chance for a real design package dicussion with a customer from Hong Kong. Due to the  languages barrier, my colleagues and customers got stuck on the commnication as they do not really understand each other’s needs.  I decided to step up as I can speak and write fluent Cantoness, so I managed to  transform our design ideas into sales speech  and we had a grate chat by using dialet.

She loved it as that is what she wants for his house, I got her contact information and presented our floor plan, and gave her a rough draft of the design and an approximate quotation. So everthing went well, we agreed to have a face-to-face appontiment  at the Taiseng headquarters showroom. In showroom I walked her through each design concept showrom to understand more on her needs,  and I guided her on the latest trend and products, we are happily agree on few preliminary desigsn so that we can communicate in further details.


Describe at least 1 thing that you faced challenge with the last 2 weeks.

Reflect on how you think you can overcome that challenges during this internship at SP Homes.

When I was communicating with one of the client, she asked a particularly question, she asked me on what kind of panels our cabinets were used for. When we answered to her that it was a partition board and using this wood panel could reduce the hazards of finishing the decoration. Then the customer asked if there was any quality inspection are cooperating with the domestic company “SHANG PING ZHAI PEI”. We answered no as that is not our authorized contractor, and she was not happy with our answer so she just walk away.

Describe 2 new things that you have learnt on the internship at SP Homes for the last 2 weeks and explain how is it beneficial to you? (ie You may also tell us things that you learnt about yourself when you are working as an employee)

From the time I helped my manager’s client to design a room with tatami mat, I realized there will never be a fix design concepts that makes everyone happy , and I found out that what we think can be used is not necessarily applicable to other’s needs. From my point of view some setting or funitures is a waste of space, but to them is a must-have piece that give them peace. Well I guesst I learn to be adaptable and think from a customer point of view. After the all our design are for the customers, they got to be love it so they can live it.

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